Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AMA Trends

The AMAs (American Music Awards) were on this past Sunday. The trends on the red were lots of beading (whether a lot or just a little), a-semetrical necklines and romantic ruffles. Most of the dresses ended above the knee but there were some full length ones. Here are some pictures thanks to JustJared.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cute as a Button

Claire's Stores are full of accessories and fun stuff, including these pieces. Buttons seemed to inspire the designer.

(it's a pin)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Totally Out There Holiday Items

Fred Flare is known for its crazy items sometimes and the holidays are no exception! Here are some items I thought I would share with you.

This Christmas tree magically sprouts to life for your enjoyment! Kit includes "magic" water to help you grow your own crystallized holiday decoration!!
$9 USD.

Just as Olive is no ordinary reindeer, this is no ordinary advent calendar!! Featuring a pop-up of Santa’s castle in the center, this calendar has a fun surprise under each window – a cute stand-up pal to welcome the season!
$10.95 USD.

Nyokki means “grow” in Japanese and that’s exactly what these cute ceramic friends will do! Made by hand in Japan then filled with rye grass seed, simply add water and set upon window sill to sprout in no time. Each sold
separately. $14 USD each.

It’s c-c-cold outside… so why not warm up with Snoopy and the rest of the gang!? This exclusive hot cocoa set from Good Grief CafĂ© includes smores, candy cane, vanilla and hazelnut flavoured cocoa mixes. Pack of 4. Just add water and enjoy! Yum!
$10 USD for the pack of 4.

No need to proceed gingerly... This candylicious felt giftbag will make any present you stash all the more special! Makes a terrific goody bag for your Holiday party. 6”x6”x2.5”
$10 USD.

Rudolph and buddies bring you the sweetest stocking stuffers from the North Pole! Set of 4 delish flavoured lip balm includes Blueberry Blast, Rockin’ Raspberry, Peppermint Twist and Berry Bubblegum! Each contains 14 oz. Yum! Set of 4 is $12 USD.

Let Andy Warhol help you to celebrate the season in purrfect style! Set of 12 cards w/ envelopes in two colors. The cat with wreath says “Happy Holidays” and the blue kitty on red background reads “Merry Christmas”. 5.75”x4.25” Set includes six of each in folded box. $12 USD.

Red is a great color on Rudolph and will also be on you. Time to get festive with a playful compact of cherry-flavoured lip gloss that features that famous blinking nose. A great stocking stuffer! About 3”.
$8 USD.

Have a blast celebrating the festival of lights all while keeping your wine nice and fresh for that party later! Menorah acts as a cork and fits secure into any sturdy bottle. Safe and sturdy menorah is perfect for 8 nights of fun!! Candles not included. Measures about 11”x3.5”
$15 USD

If you consider the years we have enjoyed A Charlie Brown Christmas, Snoopy and the gang are practically extended family! This 18” replica of the tree featured in the film makes a nostalgic decoration for any room or office cubicle. Adjustable wire branches, plastic needles and tiny wood base. Includes one ruby ball ornament. In a reusable box.
$20 USD.

Junkfood brand. Green is women's $24 USD. Red is men's $28 USD.

Real porcelain. Comes in a set of 4 includes pocket watch, key, shoe and
pipe. $100 USD.

Well I hoped you enjoyed them. There is actually a few more I did not show. Check out the store for more stuff!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Little Black Dress

This article was inspired by one of my favourite movies; Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This movie is known for the little black dresses the character Holly Golightly (played by the always fashionable Audrey Hepburn) wore throughout the film.

So what is a little black dress (LBD)? A little black dress is a simple evening or cocktail dress. Often, but not always does the LBD have a short skirt. The little black dress was originally made popular in the 1920s by the fashion designer Coco Chanel. She wanted to create a dress that outlasted trends, was versatile, affordable and accessible to a wide variety of women. The colour black is a neutral colour so it just fit in simply.The little black dress can be dressed up or down to accommodate the occasion. All you need is the right accessories.

Dressing Down:
Bolder heels
Pops of colour in accessories
Bigger, funkier bags
Colourful tights

Here’s an example:

Dress: Delia’s, $39.50; boots: Alloy, $39.50; Bag: Alloy, $34.50; Earrings: Alloy, $14.50.

Dressing Up:
Simpler accessories
Dressier shoes
Plain tights in mainly black, skin colour or white
Small bag; clutch if possible

Here’s an example with the same dress:

Dress: Delia’s, $39.50; shoes: Alloy, $29.50; tights: Alloy, 2 for $7.50; clutch: Payless, $14.99; Necklace: Fred Flare, $10.

See it’s as simple as that. You can dress up or dress down, just think about the accessories and the occasion. Have Fun!

(Please note that for many of the dresses shown here, they can come in other colours.)

Dress 1: Lulu’s, $64; shoes: Lulu’s, $29.00; Dress 2: Lulu’s, $44.00; shoes: Lulu’s, $106.00

Dress 3: Alloy, $36.50-38.50; Dress 4: Alloy, $42.50-44.50

Dress 3: Delia’s, $39.50; Dress 4: Delia’s, $44.50

Dress 5: Delia’s, $44.50; Dress 6: Delia’s, $44.50

Shoes and Accessories:

Shoe 1: Payless, $38.00; Shoe 2: Payless, $19.99

Shoe 3: Fred Flare, $28.00; Shoe 4: Alloy, $39.50

Shoe 5: Alloy, $34.50; Green Bow Purse: Fred Flare, $14.00

Key necklace: Fred Flare, $12.00; Watch Locket necklace: Fred Flare $22.00

Black headband: Delia’s, $8.50; Purple headband: Delia’s, $9.50