Friday, April 25, 2008

The Hills Girls Get Clothing Lines

First Lauren Conrad announced she was developing a clothing line, then it was ex-friend Heidi Montag and now Whitney Port has announced a clothing line fo her own. So who's line offers what?

Whitney’s new party wear clothing line, Eve & A, is a seventeen-piece collection featuring convertible dresses, tops and jackets priced $40 to $250. Not too much said yet about it and no pictures are yet available.

Lauren's line is high-end fashion with many items over $100. She has always wanted to be a fashion designer and seems to be getting positive reveiws from many.

Heidi's line called Heidiwood and the items retail for around $10 to $60. Let's just say many think the items are horrible fitting, made with cheap fabric and are kind of skanky (and this is being nice!).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Earring Styles for Your Face Shape

You don't actually have to abide by these rules it's just sometimes helpful.
If your face is round, you would do well to avoid large circular earrings, because they will only accentuate this feature. Stay away from hoop earrings for the same reason. To give your face a little more angle, try a long earring with a slight curve or a square or rectangular style.

An oval face shape is said to be the most ideal because it works with most hairstyles, jewellery and makeup. If you have an oval face, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing earrings. Anything from tiny sparkly studs to spiral dangles will look great on you. The one type you might want to avoid is extremely long earrings that will elongate your face.

A heart shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead that tapers into a tiny narrow chin. The type of earrings that will work for these people are the exact opposite shape of their face. Look for chandelier or teardrop earrings. Steer clear of heart shapes or triangles with the wide part at the top.
With this face shape you’ll want to avoid anything that adds extra edge to your already angular face. So obviously, square and rectangular shapes are out. Anything with curving lines will help soften your face.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Edith Head

Edith Head (October 28, 1897 – October 24, 1981) was an American costume designer who had a long career in Hollywood that garnered her more Academy Awards than any other woman in history. She graduated from university in 1919 and became a school teacher at Bishops School in La Jolla, California.

With no experience, Head answered an advertisement to work for Paramount Pictures in the costume department. She borrowed another's sketches and passed them off as her own. She began designing costumes for silent films and by the 1930s had established herself as one of the leading designers. She worked at Paramount for 44 years until she went to Universal Pictures on March 27, 1967, possibly prompted by her extensive work for director Alfred Hitchcock, who had moved to Universal in 1960. During her long career she was nominated for 35 Academy Awards, including every year from 1948 through 1966, and won eight times, more Oscars than any other woman has won. She was responsible for some of the best-known Hollywood fashion images of her day, with her costumes being worn by the most glamorous and famous actresses in films seen by millions. Head's influence on world fashion was far reaching, especially in the 1950s when she began appearing on Art Linkletter's television program and writing books on fashion. In 1967 she left Paramount Pictures, and joined Universal where she remained until her death in 1981.

Head was a very private woman, a trait well illustrated by the dark sunglasses that became her trademark. Originally the lenses were blue, but later they were increasingly dark shades of gray. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6504 Hollywood Blvd.