Friday, April 25, 2008

The Hills Girls Get Clothing Lines

First Lauren Conrad announced she was developing a clothing line, then it was ex-friend Heidi Montag and now Whitney Port has announced a clothing line fo her own. So who's line offers what?

Whitney’s new party wear clothing line, Eve & A, is a seventeen-piece collection featuring convertible dresses, tops and jackets priced $40 to $250. Not too much said yet about it and no pictures are yet available.

Lauren's line is high-end fashion with many items over $100. She has always wanted to be a fashion designer and seems to be getting positive reveiws from many.

Heidi's line called Heidiwood and the items retail for around $10 to $60. Let's just say many think the items are horrible fitting, made with cheap fabric and are kind of skanky (and this is being nice!).

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