Friday, November 16, 2007

Fall / Winter 2007

It's now well into fall so I have decided to talk about what trends we are seeing.

~Dresses are still around (scroll down to see how they are worn this fall)
~denim jeans are MASSIVE (different cuts, colours and styles)
~There seems to be a lot of quilted shoes
~Ugg-like boots are back and many are quilted as well as in colours
~Flats are still huge
~With jackets there are different styles like petticoats, trenches, and bomber jackets
~The colour purple is suppose to be a hit
~To balance out dull colours like grey punches of bright and rich colours will be incorporated with outfits

Dresses can be worn on their own, with tights or with leggings. There are also many different styles of dresses. Some even come with pockets.

Bomber jacket are back in a fresh way, trench coat and petticoat are still going strong.

I personally love all of these (how adorable is the plaid bomber jacket) but I'm a puffy coat kind of girl.

Denim (pants)
There is a wide variety of cuts this time in denim. Skinny jeans are still in, but so are wide legged jeans. There are so many styles and colours available.

The UGG like boots are back in. (for me they never went away) Some are the classics but others are new styles - like the quilted ones. Ballet flats are still huge, but obviously we can't wear them when it's freezing and snowy out.

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