Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dear by Amanda Bynes

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It was around May (2007) when Steve & Barry’s announced that Amanda Bynes would be designing a line for them. The fashion line was named ‘dear’ and hit stores that August. It has now been a few months and some good hype about it so I will be featuring it in this month’s column.

I think that Amanda has always had great style but she wasn’t overly known for being a fashion icon. I was excited to see what the items would look like and I wasn’t disappointed when I did.

Amanda Bynes describes her line as “Fashionable, affordable and fun… (It’s targeted) at girls in school and then girls in college.”

For anyone who can get their hands on pieces from the line I must point out that every piece in the line is priced at $19.98 or less. Alright, so what’s the catch with a line that has nothing over $20 (U.S.)? I honestly do not know since I live in Canada (the line is only sold in America unfortunately). The press releases say it’s a high quality line but sold at low prices. How? “Steve & Barry's has revolutionized retailing by eliminating costs from every aspect of the business, including marketing, production, store operations and corporate expenses. For example, the company relies on word of mouth marketing vs. traditional advertising, analyzes the smallest details such as how to pack a truck to the most efficient ways possible, sources in non-traditional regions of the world, and eliminates luxuries other businesses take for granted.

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More information about the Dear, or to see more outfits, go to the official sites:

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