Friday, May 30, 2008

Canada Olympic 2008 Fahions

On April 30, 2008 a fashion show was conducted with the models wearing a selection of the Bay's Olympic apparel line that Canadian athletes will be provided with for the Beijing games.

For consumers, the Bay design team has played with bold patterns and graphics in an ebullient mix of Canadian and Chinese icons and colours. Much of it is produced in super-light, silky fabrics, and eco-friendly materials

Most of the collection, which has taken a year to complete, was made in China. In a news release Hbc executives insist all factories producing merchandise "were audited and, where needed, improvements were made in the factories in order to comply with Hbc's longstanding Code of Vendor Conduct."
Prices range from $20 for a white Ming cadet cap to $40 for a polo and $140 for a rolling upright suitcase.

Each athlete receives 25 pieces from the collection.
Colour figures prominently in the commercial collection.
They started with an examination of both countries' dramatic landscapes and ultimately narrowed the palette to colours that reflect the five Chinese elements of astrology – fire, wood, water, earth and metal. Canadian and Chinese symbols are mixed in a chinoiserie motif in "Great Lakes" blue and "jade" green, for example. "And not just any blue – a beautiful tealy-greeny blue," qualifies Timmins. A tattoo design features a prominent red maple leaf surrounded by brilliant green and blue swirls and waves of colour.
As well, the number "8" is a recurring theme throughout the collection – in a fine repeated lattice print or stacked graphically as a tape down the outside seam of track pants. (The Olympics officially start on the eighth day of the eighth month at the eighth hour.) "Eight is a very lucky number for the Chinese," says Timmins.
They learned lessons from the past. For example, "the athletes melted in Athens," Timmins recalls, so everything designed for the Beijing Games is super lightweight. "It could be 45 degrees in Beijing in August."
Designer Ly says various fabrics have "built-in cooling factors, moisture-wicking technology and are UV resistant." As well, for environmentalists, some fabrics are created from bamboo and organic cotton.
Women's Short-Sleeve Canada Tee $25

Women's Cross Back Dress (Fire) $45
Women's French Terry Full Zip Hoodie (Tapestry) $65

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