Friday, October 26, 2007

60's Back in Time…Fashion Style

Many of us weren’t born in the 1960’s so we don’t know too much about the fashion. Welcome to Fashion History class. The styles may be very weird to you now but it was normal back then. Imagine what teenagers 40 years from now will think about the clothes we wear.


The 60’s had lots of colourful pieces that expressed what the public wanted; outfits that weren’t drab. They wanted fun. Just like now, the celebrities of that time were gratefully influencing what everyone else wore.

The miniskirt was introduced in the 60’s. Girls were starting to show a lot of skin.

Remember bell bottoms that were reintroduced in the mid to late 90’s? Well, the 60’s is where it all started. Originally bell bottoms started out as NAVY issued denim pants for sailors. They became so popular that the manufacturers began making them.

The bikini made its debut in the late 1960’s which caused uproar or social issues.

Stiletto heels were an essential in women’s wardrobes.

The 60’s is also when Twiggy (world wide known super model) came out and made the thin look ‘in’. More and more teenagers started to have eating disorders and because of this clothes were altered to fit the girls who were slim.

Some more fashions of the 60’s:

This reminds me of the wicked witch that was killed in the Wizard of Oz. You know the one who was squashed by a house.

Aren’t these weird? Those beige parts would stick to the bottom of your feet and that’s how they out stay on

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