Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back to the 70's


In the early 70’s the Victorian style made an appearance with items such as long skirts, blouses with frills and laced boots.
Designers were also borrowing other country and cultures’ styles of fashion. They would be interpreted them in their own way. Long, loose garments inspired by India, the far East (such as China) and Southern America were first adopted by hippies. Later on the fashions and the jewelleries became mainstreamed.

The 70’s is where punk, almost goth, started. Their hair was spiked and dyed. Body piercing became common with teens just like it still is now (they would use safety pins to make the holes.-Please DON’T do this!) Black tattered clothed were decorated with metal studs and chains.

Disco fashion was also huge. Colour coordinated outfits, heels for men, and strappy heels for women were huge in the Disco glam movement.
Out of these styles, the Disco glam did not last. In my opinion I am thankful!

Some more styles from the 70’s:

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