Friday, July 18, 2008

Grace Kelly

Born (November 12, 1929) and raised in Philadelphia, Grace Patricia Kelly grew up in a wealthy family. Growing up her father considered the runt of his off springs because she was shy, delicate and had asthma. Her siblings were very much unlike Grace so she often felt excluded. Grace began to blossom as attended Raven Hill Elementary school. Grace ended up be very rebellious growing up. She graduated Steven School, a high school, in 1947.
Not long after her graduation, Grace went to New York City for an acting audition, but they told her to get rid of her twang. Grace ended up mocking an English accent to do this and ended up with an accent that was pretty much considered her signature.
At the age of 20, Grace stumbled into modeling while pursuing her acting career in New York. She made her Broadway debut in 1949 and soon began to make appearances on television dramas. In the summer of 1951, Grace moved to Hollywood and joined the MGM family. She had a small, but breakthrough role in ‘High Noon’. She went on to work with Alfred Hitchcock in ‘Dial “M” for Murder’ and ‘Rear Window’.
After a few films Grace came across Country Girl’s script. She wanted it because it portrayed an amazing, but unglamorous lead character. MGM did not want Grace to play the part but Grace convinced them. She ended up winning an Academy Award in 1955 for the film.
While at the Caned Film Festival in 1955, Grace was invited and reluctantly agreed to meet the Prince of Monaco. They had a photo session as the Prince gave her a tour of his home. There seemed to be a spark between them and once Grace returned back to the States they kept in contact. For Christmas Grace invited him to her family home. After 24 hours they decided to marry. Not long after Grace had a physical to make sure she would be able to produce an heir.
High Society was Grace’s first musical and the Prince said it would be her last film. Years later she would be asked by Alfred Hitchcock to make a fourth film with him but she had to decline because the people of Monaco did not approve.
On April 4th 1956, Grace took a boat over to Monaco and was bombarded by press. The Prince and Grace were married on April 19 1956. They experienced a massive media assault and Grace hated her wedding because of it. Grace became HSH Princess Grace of Monaco. The Prince’s family snubbed her and Grace had a tough time adapting to Monaco. Nine months after the wedding, Grace gave birth to daughter Caroline and a son later on. After that she has a few miscarriages but in 1965 she gave birth to another girl, Stephanie.
Grace missed acting and she would often read poetry. She even narrated a film in the 70s.
Grace began complaining of frequent headaches. On the morning of September 13, 1982, she drove herself and Stephanie from their country home to the palace. Unfortunately, the road was a very bad and full of sharp turns. They went over a cliff. Stephanie survived but Grace was put into a coma. After taking x-rays, the doctors found she had two brain injuries. One was the cause of a stroke and the other was because of the crash. Grace stayed in a coma for 24 hours before the family said their goodbyes and she was taken off life support.

(Audrey Hepburn is the woman in the background)

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