Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Japan's Hime Gyaru Fashion

Japanese teens always have some out there kinds of styles. There are many different styles that each teen chooses to follow. One of the latest ones getting major buzz is the Hime Gyaru. From what I gather Hime means princess and Gyaru means gal.

What’s Hime Gyaru look like?

Complexion: slightly tanned to fair
Clothing Colours: mostly pinks and whites, sometimes red and black and any pastel colours, flower designs, etc. Almost anything frilly or lacy.
Hair: long-roll curly hair, sometimes bleached blonde or shades of burgundy, sometimes bee-hive hairstyle
Nails: fingernails caked in glitter and imitation precious stones.
Jewellery: Lots of bows (ribbons) and crystals or fake diamonds. Lots of jewellery, faux fur and lace. Brooches and bracelets designed like kitties, clowns and ice-cream cones.
Mobile phones: jewel stickers to make cellphones look like gaudy national treasures.
Shoes: Cinderalla high-heels, see-through stilletoes, shoes with lots of glitter or 3-dimensional flowers. Another playful version of the Hime Gyaru wear knee-high stockings and flat ballet-inspired shoes.
Other accessories: Lacy gloves, lacy or cutesy or over-sized ribbon head “gear”, lacy gloves and lacy umbrellas, lace cuffs (for wrists).


Violet LeBeaux said...

Lately Himegyaru has bee getting so much more recognition outside of Japan which is awesome. Unfortunately a lot of the attention is from people who don't quite understand it. This is a really well written and tasteful article!

Lucy the Valiant one said...

think Himegyaru is a very cute style of clothing and in this day and age when even the youngest girls look like hookers it's nice to see some sweet tasteful clothing if I had the money to buy the style of clothing I would dress like that all the time.

ReggaetonQu33n said...

i can afford any outfit under 6,000
the first picture is really cute
what name brand are the shoes and dress??.. i would love to buy them.