Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Saving Money Tips

Whether you gave a lot or received a lot of money throughout the holiday season, you may want to start saving money. With the economy and stock markets taking a hit all over the world, money may be getting tight for some of us. It doesn’t matter your budget situation or the reason why, you can still look great and keep your style without spending a load of cash.

Tip 1: Used Clothing Stores
Honestly, there is nothing wrong with many second hand clothing stores. Look for quality pieces that are in good condition and that fit properly. I personally have this one used clothing store where I buy most of my jeans. Sometimes when I go, they don’t have anything that fits; sometimes that is the case. It’s all about luck. I recommend you take a look at used clothing stores near you; they may surprise you. The store I go to even sometimes has brands like American Eagle and Roxy. There has been a few times where I find jeans that would be worth five times more at a regular store.
Often used clothing stores will take your old clothes, if in good condition and even give you a small amount of money or store credit for them.

Tip 2: Shop Smart
Do I really need this? Do I have anything in my wardrobe to wear it with? Ask yourself questions. Sometimes I see something and think ‘oh my god I love this’ but the truth is I have enough jewellery like it or that I would probably never wear it because they are heels and I feel weird in heels. Thinking about it thoroughly sometimes can change your mind. If you need and want it bad enough, then get it.
Tip 3: Read the Flyers
Know what is on sale. If a store is having a sale on something then go! What are you waiting for?! See tip 2.
Tip 4: Opt for local or National when online shopping
Online shopping can be great but depending on where you buy from can influence the cost. If I was to buy something online from a U.S site I would have to pay around an extra $20 USD just for shipping it to Canada – not to mention dollar conversion costs. I would rather opt for ordering from Canadian sites where I can buy from and that offer much less shipping costs and that sell great things too. Know the policies of that online store and remember about shipping fees and dollar conversion costs.

Hope these tips helped!

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