Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Classic Denim Styles

It seems that this spring will be flooded with all kinds of denim. Elle.com has put up a scrapbook of styles we wear today that were all the rage in other decades as well. Here are a few that they featured.
THE WIDE LEG Farrah Fawcett’s sex appeal ruled the '70s, and it didn’t hurt that she could also look every bit the tomboy. Kate Bosworth’s modern version of the wide-leg jean looks very now with a fedora and simple white tank. Wearing wide-leg jeans should be a play on volume—big on the bottom, teeny on top—to avoid looking lost in them.
Farrah Fawcett (top) and Kate Bosworth (bottom)

THE SKIINY JEAN You can thank Miss Moss for the skinny jean revival. Her signature stovepipes can make any woman look slim, especially when they're paired with an elongating heel.
Brooke Shields (top) and Brigitte Bardot (bottom)

THE DENIM DRESS The denim dress isn't just a schoolgirl staple. In fact, it can look incredibly sexy (Exhibit A: Brigitte Bardot, at left) when worn in the right context. Pair it with tights and statement-making boots for a go-anywhere casual look.

THE DENIM JACKET Nearly every bad boy in history has had a denim jacket to call their own, starting with cowboys and continuing through Madonna's '80s-punk phase. Roll up the sleeves, let your shirt hang out, and revel in your rebelliousness.
Madonna (top) and John Lennon (bottom)

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