Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Metallic Jeans

I've noticed that 2007 had just a few (more like a million) items that were metallic. Was it just me that noticed this - are metallic jeans trying to come out? Old Navy featured a commercial a couple months ago with a pair of jeans that had a "metallic sheen" to them.

I remember shiny jeans. My best friend had a pair when we were in grade 4 (about 1999). They were something like 'liquid jeans'. Blue jeans that had a liquid sheen to them.

Not quite sure shiny pants will catch on but Hilary Duff kind of had a pair on in February (2007).

I personally would never wear shiny pants or metallic jeans. It's cool if you want to. Whatever floats your boat. I also don't think they will catch on but I can be wrong.

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